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Amy's Parties The Annual Amy-Bash    Loki The newest member of
the family
Antique Cars From before 1960 (arbitrary cut-off date - I can set it wherever I want) Max Red & White Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon Cat
La Araņa Website designs Merlin Our heinous little foundling
Awards  Web awards that Casa Mai has won La Mariacha Costume Feature
the Backyard Parties! La Mariacha Costume Documentation
the Basement Featuring the Exercise Room, the Sewing Room, & the Workshop the Mask Costume Feature
the Bathroom Funny Stuff (Please knock before entering) Miami Vice Nora's favorite show of all time
the Bedroom Where the cats hang out Middle Eastern Dance Once and future interest
Book Reviews Costume books, trivia, whatever we're reading the Music Room A virtual room that every house (especially ours) should have. Music styles, tastes, reviews, et al. Dig that crazy beat!
Bruce's Stuph That about says it all the New Page Changes, improvements and additions
the Cameleon Costume Feature Nora's Stuph Nora likes it -- you'll like it, too!
Cancun Mexican Restaurant Our favorite restaurant with 3 or 4 locations Nora's Links Websites I have found about my personal interests
the Cats We have three; pictures and stories Odd Cars The strange, the unusual, and the downright disturbing
CD Reviews What we're currently listening to the Office  Interesting sites, TOYS!
CD Reviews Reviews we've done in the past, Archived Origins How we got started
Cinco de Mayo 1996; more years to come Otters We like otters
Cosplay Links Japanese anime costuming Our Cars Cars we have owned and (sometimes) loved
the Costume Cops Costume Feature Parties Today is a good day to party!
Costuming Features How-tos and descriptions of past features, Archived Photo Gallery Our Costumes
Costuming Links Good sources and info Photo Gallery Our Friends' Costumes
Custom Car Paint Jobs Fancy paint, bright colors Pirate Party Charting new territory in parties
Dalek Construction How to build a Dalek Quotes & Fun Facts Just some stuff
Dalek Resources Info on how to build a Dalek the Rites of Spring Costume Feature
Dance  All forms with an emphasis on Middle Eastern St. Louis Costumers Guild Link to their website
Dawn Costume Feature St. Louis Hispanic Festival 1999 Photos
Day of the Dead El Dia de los Muertos St. Louis Hispanic Festival 2001 Photos
Edward James Olmos Encounters of the Eddie kind St. Louis Hispanic Festival 2002 Photos
Exercise Work-Out Room St. Louis International Folkfest 1999 Photos
Foodchain Costume Feature St. Louis International Folkfest 2000 Photos
Fred the Dalek Costume Feature St. Louis International Folkfest 2001 Photos
Our Friends Costuming and non; pictures and links Sewing It's what we do and the basis for many (but not all) of the costumes
Funlinks Silly sites that amused us Skywise Our eldest, the Good Cat
Furry Costuming Links Interesting sites and source for this costuming specialty Street Rods Customized cars (not just paint)
the Garage Photos of all types of cars the Study Apparently a very large room - Books, Costuming, Photos, Research, etc
the Gopher Costume Feature Tie-Dye Nora does tie-dye; here's some basic instructions
Halloween (& Gothy Stuff) Our favorite holiday Toys Mostly not collectibles, just stuff we like
Halloween & Gothy Links Some sites we'd recommend Twisted Links & Stuff Strange things and websites
Halloween Parties The Annual Amy-Bash  Vintage Cars After 1960
"It Came From Collinsville" Feature Website Design Other sites designed under the aegis of Casa Mai or La Araņa
the Kitchen Food Stuff! (Duh.) What we eat and where the Work-Out Room Exercise programs & equipment
the Knights of Oberon Costume Feature the Workshop The building side of costuming
Lady Miss PC Costume Feature the Zodiac Costume Feature
Links Listing of all Links Pages the Zoot Suit Coatdress Costume Feature
the Living Room Meet us, meet our Friends. 


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