Fun Links

We've come across some websites that may not be directly related to our interests, but we thought they were worthwhile visiting.
If you're an animal-lover, you'll love this site.  It's a huge collectipn of  photos of animals doing funny, cute and crazy things.

Bembo's Zoo
This is an interesting mixture of web animation, typestyle, and sound.
Bar Code Art
This is either a fun diversion in art or your chance to help bring about the Apocalypse -- you decide.   Create your own unique barcode (like the one used at the grocery store) that will identify your gender, age, your height, your weight and what country you live in.
Are you an aspiring super-villain, bent on world domination, then this is the place for all your evil needs.
A Virtual 4th of July
Pull a lawn chair or blanket up to your computer, have a hot dog and a beer nearby and enjoy the fireworks.
If you like cats, you'll like visiting this site. It has lots of photos of people's cats (sorted by type, would you believe), cat links, stories by their owners, clip art, and so much more (duh)
If you're not familiar with this utility on the Alta Vista site, it's sorta fun to play with. It will translate web pages to and from from several languages. Of course, there's no guarantee it'll make much sense when you get the results, but it might help. Just as much fun, it's amusing to plug a phrase like "Hello. How are you? I'm not wearing any pants" and see what comes out.
This is a new-ish directory Nora discovered.  It has a really cool Flash(?)-animated interface for searching subjects. the only problem we see is that it may not work well with slower connections. It's worth checking out, though, and we found some interesting sites we'd not heard of previously.
Felix is a European cat food brand produced by Friskies cat food of America. Felix's mascot is a very appealing black and white cat. The site has free screensaver downloads for your computer that feature Felix the cat walking around your screen, playing with toys, and interacting with your mouse pointer. It's a very popular site, so it may take a few tries to get all of the freebies.
Tokyo Pop
If you have an interest in Japanese Pop Culture, this is probably one of the better ones. They have news, merchandise and links to all sorts of stuff.
Sci-Fi Channel News Page
Not sure why we haven't mentioned this before, but this is our home page when we go on the Internet. The Sci-Fi Channel has a pretty good news page that lets us know what's going on on TV and movies, plus has links to other sites that are its sources.
With pages like "The Interactive Toilet of Terror", and "The Stick Bug Museum", you know you're in for a "unique" interactive experience. Part funhouse and part merchandising, this has got to be one of the goofiest sites we've come across recently. Apparently, this guy has a thing about eyeballs -- each link has one next to it, and when you click on it with your pointer (which is a hand), the eyeball goes red like you poked it (we told you it was strange!). Merchandise includes the "Weird Gift Shop", with all sorts of eyeball items. He also sells reasonably priced fireball-shooting devices (yikes!).
Right Stitch
We debated about putting this in the Study, but it amused us enough to put it on this page. The owner makes jumpsuit recreations for Elvis impersonators and "illusionists".
This guy has some pretty interesting insider information on movies and such.
The Ackermansion
Bruce says, "Forrest J. Ackerman is part of what is known as "First Fandom" -- one of the first generation of Science Fiction fans. He has the most complete and valuable collection of rescued SF and horror movie props in the world. His home has been turned into a museum, which you can visit.  Unfortunately, he's having to sell itnow, to pay for his medical bills and help him fight a long legal battle.  But there is a 4 CD set of photos of the collection that is for sale.  By the way, Harry Knowles, who runs the Ain't-It-Cool-News site above, once visited it, and you can check out his account of his visit."
The Archcam
Want to see what's going on in downtown St. Louis at the moment? Check out this site.
Archie McPhee
Join a cult, buy weird gifts, have fun reading their on-line catalog. One of the strangest places to shop that you'll ever see. They have a regular catalog, a shop in the Seattle area, and they're also on-line! Join their e-mail list and receive weird cult instructions. Loads of fun.
Outpost Gallifrey
Probably the best site for news on Doctor Who. I still try to keep up on news on the show, and this is the place to get it from. They have enormous resources, and the club associated with it still holds conventions that feature stars from the show.
The Official Bob Burns Website
This is a fun site devoted to an old movie industry veteran. He's worn gorilla suits, made models for movies, plus a lot of other stuff. He also collects old movie props. His collection may not be as extensive as the Ackermansion, but it comes close. There's a book about it and his Hollywood experiences called "It Came From Bob's Basement".
Randy's SF Page
If there's anything to do with St. Louis Science Fiction fandom, especially conventions, this has the links to it.

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