Furry Links

While working on our recreations of two comic book characters named Tabbe LeFauve and Lady Fatima, we discovered a whole sub-genre called "Furry Costuming". Many in the general costuming community know little about it. These costumers make original and recreations of anthropomorphic characters (human-like animals) -- this includes mascot-types. Cats, bears, lions, and wolves are among the most popular. Check out these outstanding sites.
Maintained by Jason Harrison, this site has got it all -- links to furry costumers' sites, how-tos, and so on. Very extensive and one of the best for the genre.
Legend The Griffin
This site only has a couple of projects, but they're very nicely done. What makes
it stand out is the good detail photos of theowner's ingenious wing armature design. This info is worth overlooking the somewhat annoying navigation problems.
SkyLioness' Page
Tracy has been making costumes and mascots since at least 1975. There's lots of nice photos, but they load a bit slow.
Nicodemus' Fursuit Pages
This is a very big site, with lots of interesting photos of his costumes, and others. He also has many detailed photos of furry costuming techniques.

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