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Our main hobby is costuming. We keep everything related to it here. This includes our photo albums, resources, books and documentation.

The making of costumes has been a great creative outlet, especially for Bruce. Having no real ability to draw, paint, etc., he's finally found something he feels competent at. He owes a lot of what he's learned to Nora's experience as a seamstress. If you're interested, you can read about how we got started costuming.

We work frequently separately but often get roped into stage groups or 
SCLG group projects. The current SLCG project involves a genre called 
"Steampunk" and we'll be actively participating in that.
Check the SLCG pages for more on the group project.

We've been working on the back story for our characters in the 
Steampunk project.
As part of that, Nora has been creating a journal for her character, A. A. Spencer.
Which you can see here.

Our Featured Costumes


"Earth Vs. The Full Monty"

Lady Miss PC



Patron Saint of Jewels

Dragon Staff

Storm Wizard


Patron Saint of Jewels


(And don't forget to visit The Archives: where we keep our previous features.)

We have a collection of photos of costumes worn by friends and other people we've met or found on the web.

Would you like to see our photo album?
How about some interesting
costume links?

We're always on the lookout for books related to costuming, to add to the burgeoning library. These include how-to books, crafts, historical references -- anything that we think we can use for research or to learn techniques. Have a look at some of our reviews....

Re-created, on-line versions of our documentation from costume research that we did for some of our presentations. Only one so far but we'll be adding the others as we have time.

To start off:
"La Mariacha" - A Traditional "Traje de Charro" of the Mariachi Singer


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