Earth Vs. the Full Monty


   Archon 27
            Best In Show

I'd been wanting to put together this idea as early as 2001, but things didn't come together until  2 years later, when I could recruit some friends to participate.

The original inspiration, if you're not familiar with it, is the old 1956 SF movie "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers".  I'd always had a fondness for it, ever since I saw it on TV as a kid 'way back in the early 1960s.   I thought it'd be fun to pay homage to it and other movies like it, but with a cross-genre twist. 

Movie Poster

Entering the stage The presentation starts with a sound effect of one of the original saucer sound effects, followed by the movie's  ominous-sounding opening.  The voiceover (mine) describes how the aliens were defeated 47 years ago by a "brave band of American scientists".  Now, they've returned with a "terrible new weapon calculated to drive Earth's population mad!".  Suddenly, there's a record scratch and the music switches to Tom Jones' version of "You Can Leave Your Hat On". 


There go the arms...

 It's then we go into a strip routine.  


...and there go the feet... go the chest pieces and the shirts are next...

 Piece by piece, the aliens strip down, until the "the grand finale",,,,



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...will the aliens reveal themselves?

The Saucermen were put together in about 3 months time, working about 1 evening a week, until the last month when we were working 2 or 3 evenings a week.   

Want to find out how we made them?  Read on, MacDuff!

(Photos by Linda Zang)

From Design to Finish

The Concept
Gotta Start with the Shoes
Hey, I Can't Reach Nuttin'!
Hey, Mon!  You wanna joint?
Leg Bits
Chest Units
You Can Leave Your Helmet On
Let's Be Brief...
Yikes!  Keep it on!  Keep it On!