Earth vs. the Full Monty 2

The Concept

I came up with the general sketch based on the original costumes.  When I first started on this, there was hardly any source material.  

Publicity still from Earth vs. The Flying Saucers - Saucermen

By the time the videotape and then the DVD release came out, they became our main reference.  Mostly, we looked to see where we could cheat the look and where to put seams.

Original E vs. TFS costume design - before

No, this man is not wearing a diaper! 

Originally, we were going to construct the suits out of sheet styrene plastic.  The helmets were going to be open-cell foam covered with a 50% mixture of latex caulk and anti-freeze.   After some initial experiments with the leg pieces, we abandoned that idea and decided to make most of the suits out of 3/8" closed- cell foam.

One of my cohorts, Steve Swope, had some experience with working with this stuff, so I relied on him to draft the individual pieces onto the foam.   

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