Earth vs. the Full Monty 9

Let's be brief...

Saucermen briefs design as an assembly

The briefs were relatively easy.  They consisted of 5 parts: a belt of 1" closed-cell foam, two pieces of thinner closed-cell foam we used for the shoes (not plastic, as the drawing says), and two sections of larger diameter piping..  

Bellows briefs design

The rows of piping, with extra fabric on the bottom and top rows, were duct-taped or glued into the tops of the legs. 

Outer portion of briefs

The outer part of the briefs consisted of a 1" thick piece of closed cell foam for the belt, and two pieces of the same thickness of foam we'd used for the shoes.  The bellows brief pieces would then be tucked underneath the fronts and backs so that when we pulled the inside of the thigh pieces away, the  brief halves would pull off with them.  
Belt with back part of brief glued Once the pieces were properly fitted, we went ahead and glued in the backs. 





Nearing the end of construction, we needed to light the briefs and mask them with a reveal panel.

We gouged out grooves in the foam in the shape of a flying saucer (not the one depicted here, as originally conceived) and planned to light it with battery-operated neon lights.  That proved too expensive, but using one-shot cyalume sticks turned out to be a good economical alternative.   The finishing touch were some simple safety lights that chased in sequence. 

We cut grooves all the way through and duct-taped the chaser lights into the briefs from inside.   The last step was to cut out some panels of 1/4" closed-cell foam that would be secured with velcro dots.  A slight tug from a corner would be all that was needed to  reveal the light display underneath.

As everything got finished, each piece got a final coat of grey paint - we were in a black and white film, after all!
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