Earth vs. the Full Monty 10

Yikes!  Keep it on!  Keep it on!

No, no, no - you don't get to see our faces!


How 'bout THESE apples?!

Five White Guys With No Shame


Best In Show - the culprits revealed

Left to right: Me, Steve Swope, Bruce Hinterleitner, Scott Raiche and Jack Below III.  Photos by Linda Zang.

Final cost of the costumes was just under $200, by sharing the costs of the closed-cell foam.  Jack worked for his mom's company that sold the stuff, so we got a cost break.    We pretty much put them together in about 3 - 4 months time, working on them almost every week.  

We sort of already had our choreography figured out, but Nora gave us some pointers for some moves, so she gets credit for that.   The weather wasn't too good the last week before Archon, so we had our (un)dress rehearsal under the carport.  Bet we got some interesting looks from the neighbors....

All in all, one of the most fun outfits I've done - we definitely made an impact on the audience.  Heh heh.

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