Earth vs. the Full Monty 6

Leg Bits

Steve  Swope cutting the legs and chest units out of sheet rubber

Cutting out the legs and chest pieces were the next order of business.  Steve is pretty good at drafting, so we left this job up to him.

Steve Swope scoring the backs of the leg pieces

Once we had the leg pieces cut out, we scored grooves in the backs of them so that the closed-cell foam would hold a curve better.   This was only partially successful.  I'm not sure if more grooves would've ultimately improved them, but for the short time we wore them on stage, they worked okay.  We held them together with strips of velcro across the cylinder gaps.   The main concern we had was that they just didn't blow out on us before we even got to the stage.  As it was, we had a couple of guys constantly checking us to make sure everything held in place.

When the time came, we could pull them off as one piece off each leg - sort of like chaps.

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Chest Units