Earth vs. the Full Monty 5

"Hey Mon!  You Wanna Joint?

Photo detail of Saucermen costumes - legs

Initial Saucerman leg joint design

Leg joint design detail

We didn't have any luck finding some item made of rubber that would give us the accordion-joint look we wanted, so we resorted to sewing rows of piping - many, many feet of upholstery piping.  

Rows of assembled piping - cat not used

We made the piping in two diameter sizes - the larger ones for wearing under the "trunks", and the smaller ones for the knees and ankles.   As the masq deadline loomed, we decided we didn't need the ones for the ankles, which turned out to be the correct choice, as we discovered we really didn't need them, and might cause problems, anyway. 

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Leg Bits