Earth vs. the Full Monty 4

"Hey!  I Can't Reach Nuttin'!

Design drawing for Saucerman arm - detail

Next were the arms.  The original movie suits had no elbows...

Steve Swope and Scott Raiche sawing the carboard tubes we just got ahold of some sturdy cardboard tubes from a carpet store and sawed them all at the same length. 

Tubes in construction

Tubes in construction

Originally, we were going to make the same kind of flexible joints as the knees and ankles, but changed our minds when we realized we didn't need them, anyway.  So, we simulated the wrist joints by glueing down some short lengths of thick polypropelyne cord, which also served as a surface to glue the styrofoam balls to.   

Steve Swope fitting tube to Bruce Hinterleitner's arm

The ends of the arms on the movie suits were vaguely spherical in shape, so we used smooth-finish styrofoam balls covered with a layer of plastic tool dip (so they wouldn't melt when painted).

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