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To put it simply, I like cars.  Virtually all kinds of cars.
I probably get this from my Dad who took my sister and I
(accompanied by my twin cousins and Uncle Harold)
to the Car Show (Concourse d'Elegance) every Easter
in Forest Park.  The show has expanded over the years
and now has two separate shows:  The Antiques/Vintage
(which amusingly enough now contains Pintos and Vegas)
and the Street Rods (Customs, Lowriders, fancy paint jobs).

And I take lots of pictures.  I don't even know what
some of the cars are, just that they look good.  If you can
identify any of them for me, e-mail me at:
I'll update the pictures with the correct information.

And I'll be changing these regularly
cause I just have too many pictures to put up at once.

Our Cars:
Cars we (or my Dad) have 
actually owned.  Some of 
them may not be spectacular
but we loved 'em! (2 pages)
Antique Cars:
What I perceive as genuine
antiques, at least older than
I am.

Hood Ornaments:
Mostly from Antiques

Vintage Cars:
More contemporary vehicles 
many manufactured during
my lifetime but not commonly 
seen on the road.
(And sports cars!)

Street Rods:
All the pretty paint jobs, fancy
custom work, chopping, 
channeling, etc.  Includes

The Odd:
Kit cars, one shots, really
strange production cars, stuff
that doesn't fit in the other

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