Odd Cars

from McQuay-Norris Engineering Dept.
Tear Drop Test Car No. 9

When Chrysler New Yorkers go bad
Apparently they shoot flames out their a**!
The question is...why?

Rearview of the No. 9 - 
completely hand-made complete with 
wooden interior decks.

the Isetta 3 seater
2 doors - one on the right side,
one in the front!

a CitroŽn
The quintessential "odd car". This car
is driven every day and is still in 
perfect working order.



 Gothic Hearse
Amusing, but that's a terrible thing to do
to a '59 Cadillac.

Modified Studebaker
I'm not sure why you'd do this to a car either; just happened to have a spare Stude lying about, I guess
. (Originally a '50)

Another Art Car: note the sides are covered 
with shoe soles.

a Bantam
Circa 1930s; itty-bitty cute little cars.
There weren't very many made, 
so there aren't many left.

"Pro-Modified" Kit Car
All of the details here are fake --
headlights, grill, trim; darn good paint job

Electric Car
Yep, electric. And plastic.
A prototype of some sort, never marketed.

Note the propellers under the rear bumper.