La Araņa

La Arana spins her webs
(La Araņa is my "nom de web",
it is Spanish for "the spider".)

Now that  I have my certificate in Software Applications & Website Design
I figured I'd better have a page to promote myself.  If you've come here
from any of my design links at the bottom of one of the pages I've
developed, I hope that this will give you some of idea of my design

I have several sites live on the Internet already.  Click on any of the links
below to see the various styles.  I am available for contract work and I'm
very reasonable.  You can contact me at:

Casa Mai

My personal site created to promote my hobbies, interests, and 
generally fun stuff.  It's been on line for four years and can be 
viewed at it's own domain

St. Louis Costumers Guild

Created for this non-profit group to provide them with a web 
presence to promote their art.  On line for about over a year, it can 
be viewed at:

Jackman's Fabrics

My first commercial site created for a company I worked for 
part-time in sales.  They desperately needed to establish an 
online presence, I need to get my name out there as a designer.  
We worked out a very reasonable rate and worked together to 
develop this site using their design needs and my design talent.
I no longer maintain this site but to view my design work:

  Costume-Con 25, St. Louis 2007
We had so much fun running our last Costume-Con (CC16) that we just 
to do it again! Seriously. So we've got a pre-bid site with new 
information on a monthly basis:
The Axe of Judgement

A personal site created for a friend's birthday, this is just a 
beginning. There will be lots more in the future as the two of us 
work together to shape this site that will be uniquely Karen. 
It can be viewed at:


My Online Portfolio
Call them "samples" if you like - some of my school projects created specifically
 to add to my Portfolio.  These aren't actual published websites.
the Dark Side - dedicated to Dark Beauty
The assignment was to create an e-tailer site. so I chose to design an online Goth store. 
(Created in FrontPage)
Casa Mai - the restaurant
No it doesn't really exist but if I did open a restaurant - this is what it's be like.
Created in FrontPage for a school assignment, we had to include directions,
prices, delivery options, etc. 
coming soon - the World of Dance
coming soon -Fly by Night Videos 
The assignment was to create an online presence for a video rental store. We had to include DVD, VHS and Game offerings, policies, directions and some additional special pages. Pretty dull so I designed a very  special rentla company which carried only items with a Vampire theme
Originally created in raw HTML for a school assignment, I've redone it here in FrontPage
coming soon -  Lowriders

Images were liberally "borrowed" from across the web for the above examples (these were
school pieces, remember?) so I apologize in advance for any unauthorized use and will
immediately comply with any request to remove them.

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