Nora's Stuph

I work with databases for a living (I actually went to school to learn some computer stuff and Web design -- I have several websites to my credit so far, including this one. If you'd like to see some of my work -- Nora's Webs.)  My main hobby is Costuming, it takes up a lot of my time, but not to the exclusion of all else! I have other, very diverse interests.

I'm a big fan of Miami Vice, Don Johnson and especially Edward James Olmos -- now there's a man I'd like to meet.

Lucky me, he finally came to the Midwest (Edwardsville, IL -- SIUE) February 17, 2000 to speak. I went of course and got to speak (briefly) with him after; read all about my adventure and see photos. I really admire him, he's a good actor and great humanist. If you're a fan too, you might want to check out this semi-unofficial site built for him by a friend after his official site went South --


And he came back to St. Louis,  September 16th 2001 he spoke at Forest Park Community College as a guest of the St. Louis Public Library. More photos and comment with the original ones.

(This picture is from the back of a really old Eric Clapton album. The photo credit simply says "Eddie -- Friend". Guess who!)

My favorite holidays: Halloween, Cinco de Mayo and Day of the Dead.
Way more info on there individual pages (cause it won't fit here).

I like to dance, a lot. So does Bruce; at least that's the theory. I used to dance semi-pro as a Middle Eastern Dancer (Yes, that means Belly Dancer, but so much more!) but I don't anymore. I'm still interested, I just don't actively pursue it (after all, I started when I was 17 and the politics just got to be too much after awhile). But it's great exercise, I really loved the cultural opportunities, and I try and keep up with current events and my old dance buddies.

I'm actually interested in a lot of different types of dance, including most types of folk dance. Someday I'd like to learn the "right" moves for Swing and Salsa, but I do pretty good just freestylin'! I've included some Dance Links for you to check out if you're into dance. too.
In a related vein, one of my favorite summer festivals is the Hispanic Festival in August. There's lots of music and dancing, and I always bring my camera so there's lots of photos.

What can I say? I love music -- virtually all kinds! I guess it goes hand in glove with my love of dance. For more on my (and Bruce's) tastes, opinions and what we're listening to now -- go to the Music Room.
Particular Favorites:
Latin Music -- Salsa, Merengue. Nortena; Bandas, Grupos; pretty much ALL. Want to know more about the Latin music scene?

My favorite group is Los Fugitivos. I've seen them in concert twice and they're always fun.

Jimmy Buffett -- cheers me up , music meant to be taken lightly.
Mariachi -- one of the best sites I've found so far (I'll add others as my research continues is Mariachi Publishing. They have history and resources as well as great links. I especially like their History of Women in Mariachi Music sections, very informative.

Other interests: Art, Photography, Books (can you say voracious reader?) and Tattoos. More on these later.


Additional Photo credit: Barry Feinstein & Tom Wilkes