Halloween & Gothy Stuff

We love Halloween.  Not just because it's the Costumers National Holiday, but it's also just plain fun!  And it's followed only 2 days later by another personal favorite -- the Day of the Dead.


A nearby house that goes all-out; more Halloween
decor than your average Christmas display.

Our friend Amy probably loves Halloween more than we do -- she got married on Halloween in a haunted mansion.  And she has a really great themed party every year, right down to the food.  2000 was Alice in Wonderland, 2001 was Saints, 2002 was Vampires, and 2003...
well, you'll just have to come back to see!  We have pictures from most years; I'll put 'em up as I find them. 




Nora's Gothy Stuff
Horrific admission time -- frankly I'm too old to be a Goth.  In my 20s, when I wore primarily black and did the whole "artiste" number, the term didn't exist.  A lot of people joked that I wore mostly black because it matched my cat so the cat hair didn't show.  Well I still have two black cats  (& one orange) and wear a lot of black, but not exclusively.  But I do have a tendency to dress boldly (part of my costumer nature). Karen and I "dress goth" at cons just to amuse ourselves. 
 As for the whole Goth culture or phenomenon, I find the whole concept rather fascinating.  Their sub-culture is based on looking different and enjoying things that others don't see as "normal".  I can get behind that, I've had my fair share of being different  in life.  As in any visually significant sub-culture (including costumers) the Goths attract their fair share of posers. We'll try and think of it as imitative flattery.
The idea of a culture of outsiders is nothing new, every generation has had one.

The Beats, les Marveilleux, punks, Zoots -- counter cultures are either assimilated or they disappear remaining an historical if quaint footnote.

What will the next Goths be called?

My favorite "gothy" joke; asking the younglings if they're Goths or Visigoths?
The blank looks are particularly amusing.

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