the Bedroom

We keep some of our collections in the bedroom that don't seem to fit anywhere else.
We like otters. Mostly river otters but they're harder 
to find as a collectible so we have lots of sea otters 
as well. Real otters, at the zoo, are fun to watch and 
have a good philosophy on life.

The Otter Philosophy: they'd rather play than eat; if they can play with their food -- so much the better!

2 shelves of otters
Some of our stuffed otters.

Getcha! - Otters playing How much can they play? Check out the Ottercam! Yeah! 
This couple in Columbia, MO, raised orphaned river otters 
named Splash and Slide until they could be released back 
into the wild. Unfortunately, the webcam isn't up anymore, 
but they have lots of nice pics and links for otter fans.


Mostly from Taco Bell and most of them talk; the cats don't care for that. 
The most recent one
(shown left) is Tiny, the Beanie Baby Chihuahua. 
No actual Beanie Baby collection but we have dozen or so of those, too.

Tiny - stuffed chihuahua from Nora's collection

Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard! - Lots of stuffed chihuahuas!

And did we mention....   the Cats?
Okay, so technically they're not a collection, but when you have three they sometimes 
seem like one. They're our kids; so, like all proud parents, we like to talk about
and show off photos.
Dueling Cat Bellies

Cat belly?  Skywise belly up
"Cat belly?"
Goodbye, SkywiseSkywise D. Cat -- this was our old 
  He was a medium/long haired cat  
that Nora adopted from the Animal
Protective Association when
he was a 
tiny baby. He was 17, diabetic, and, except for a bout of Hyperthyroidism, in excellent health when in the middle of 2003 his kidneys started to fail. We had to let him go on 
Christmas Eve, 12-24-03
Sweet- tempered,
but always the Alpha cat!

You can't touch this - Merlin belly up
Mr. G. Q.
10/?/1990 - 10/12/2007
Goodbye, SkywiseMerlin -- our "Bushbaby", found (because of 
his big mouth) under a bush in the neighbor's 
yard. He's been nothing but trouble for his entire life. He can be very sweet and endearing and too clever by half, but he's also destructive, jealous, and was never too thrilled with being the 
middle child.
Now that he's the 'Top Cat' he's a little more 
secure - sometimes.

AKA: Sky, the Buddy, Buddy Cat, 
the Black Cat,
Goober, Pestilential, B, etc.

More pictures of Sky? Uh-huh.

AKA: Monkey, Monkey-Butt, Pig, Monkey-Pig, Pigatron, Pigachu, Jerk, the Pee Fairy, 
Yarp Beast, Spew Beast, Pigbutt, Pig-bot, 
Pigalinni, Cutie, Cutie Pazootie, Piglette, Piggie Pie, Pig Pie Pest, etc.
More pictures of Merlin? You bet!

Get my tummy - Max belly up
Purricoon's Rufus Maximillian 
of Casa Mai
4/3/1993 - 9/13/2003

Earlier in 2003, we had a big scare -- Max had 
developed a lump in his side and groin area.  And he 
was losing weight.  He was diagnosed with cancer.   
The tumor removed weighed 2 lbs., and his body 
weight was down to 11 lbs.   The vet thought they got it all,.  

Unfortunately, it was not the case.  It returned with a vengeance, and we had to set Max free the morning of 9/13/2003.  

We love  and miss our Baby terribly.

AKA: Purricoon's Rufus Maximillian, Stinkimus Maximus, Big Orange Thing, Stinky, Stinky D, Dink, Stink Bomb, Da Bomb, Big Orange Thing, Big Creature, Our Stinky Friend, etc.

Would you like to see more of Max

Loki the Brave-- as a small kitten

This is Loki.
Abandoned near the apartment of a guy Nora works 
with, he joined our family on New Year's Eve, one week 
after we lost Sky.
He is absolutely fearless and loves biting people, possibly more than food.

More Loki pictures.

AKA: Monster!, Poot, Little Bear, Chunk, 
Mister Schnuzzley, Freak, Mr. Underfoot, 
Schnuzzlebeast, Mister Monster Man,
Square Bear, etc.

Kioko - Our first little girl.

Born: April 12, 2005
Her name means "Happy Child" or "Meets the World with Happiness" which pretty much describes her personality. We adopted her from a foster home on June 14th.

More pictures on her own page.

AKA: Smelly Little Girl, Missy B, Miss Butt, Ankle-Snark, Ninja Bunny Princess, Girl-Girl, etc.

Booker T. - he's a real wild child. 
You'd never know by his behavior that he was 
born wild & trapped at 10 weeks.

 More Booker pics.

AKA: Booker Beans, Beansman, etc.
Okay, this isn't one of our cats, but it just goes to show that a cat is a cat no matter what size.
snow leopard tummy
The Flock - of flamingos Oh, yeah, the Flamingos

Nora's collection of pink flamingos.
Yes, there are plastic flamingos in
the backyard.



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