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Purricoon's Rufus Maximillian of Casa Mai
4/3/1993 - 9/13/2003

Max was born April 3rd, 1993. All four in his litter were Red & White Mackerel Tabbies, and all male. They weighed in at 8 oz. each; at 1/2 pound apiece, that's a total of 2 pounds of kittens in one litter! The breeder, Brooke Berger of Purricoon, said they were the largest kittens his dam had ever thrown.
He came from a really good bloodline; his sire was Arty (at right) who eventually retired and lived the "pet" life he always wanted. Daddy & Grandma Brooke
GC Purricoon's Arthur Coonan Doyle (with Brooke Berger, breeder)
His dam was Persy (below). Not a really pretty cat but she bore some very good-looking kittens. 
biological mom Like Persy, Max was a little anti-social; he was referred to as "the alleged cat" for quite some time by our friends who never saw him. They came to believe in him though; he'd been known to order people out of his house if they'd been here too long.
Purricoon's Persecoontion Complex

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents

GC Purricoon's Arthur Coonan Doyle
(Brown Mackerel Tabby)

CH Januwin Chif of Purricoon
Brown Mack Tabby-White)

Zig-Ken's Himself of Kibs
Brown Tabby-White)

Friscoon's Sadie
CH Heidi Ho's Coon Victoria, DM
(Brown Mackerel Tabby)
CH Heidi Ho Sonkey Bill
(Silver Mackerel Tabby)
Tanstaafl Polly A. of Heidi Ho
(Brown Tabby)
Purricoon's Persecoontion Complex
(Brown Patch Tabby-White)
CH PR Purricoon's Credence Coonwaterrevival
(Red Tabby-White)
GC Purricoon's Ciao Maine of Nephrani
(Brown Mack Tabby & White)
Purricoon's Coonfection
(Tortiseshell & White)

Purricoon Cliffhanger
(Brown Patched Tabby)

CH, PR Purricoon Credence Coonwaterrevival
(Red Tabby & White)
Heidi Ho Pocoonhatas of Purricoon
(Brown Mackerel Tabby)
We've found some of Max's relatives on-line.  Here're some Maine Coon links we've found that we thought we'd  share.
gold cat Tricks & Tails
Lots of photos, lots of pretty kitties; probably the most fun Coon site we've found so far. Be sure to visit the "Action" and "Blooper" pages".  (Be warned, it loads a bit slow.)
aqua cat Dacotah Cattery
We're guessing these guys are somewhere in the Dakotas. Nice
design and some very pretty pictures, including some great scenery. Loads quick.
red cat Bill's Home Page
Bill seems like a nice guy who shares some of our interests, including SF and Star Trek. He's devoted part of his site to his boys, a pair of Maine Coons named Data and Geordi. BTW, these two are distant cousins to Max.

Do you really like Maine Coons? Check out this site.

Max collaborated with Bruce on a website dedicated to our pets who have passed on.  It's called, The Path to Forever.

Would you like to see some pictures of him in his prime?

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