Halloween Links 

Spooky, creepy?  Hell no!
This stuff is just plain fun.

The Deathclock - Everybody wants to know when their number's up, right?  Well these guys will tell you, based on your birthdate, gender, outlook, and (we assume) statistical evidence.  Wanna' know?  Can you take it?
Verdun Manor
This is supposedly one of the largest and most elaborate haunted house amusements in the US. The site features a tour of the establishment, photos of the props, and they also make specialty items for sale.
Based in Quebec, contains pages and pages of Adult, Children's, and even Animal costumes. A wide variety. Available in both French and English versions.
Family Fun
This site has really been difficult to keep an updated link to. They seem to have difficulty keeping it accessible at times. Strange for a Disney-owned property. Nonetheless, if you need some ideas for some really clever kids costumes, give this one a try. They sponsor a costume contest and post the winners from the last few years. The best way to see them seems to be type "costume" into the search window. If you plug in "Halloween", you'll get a wealth of ideas for decorations, activities and parties.
The Devon Rex Breed Club
Feel like dressing up your cat (some would think "torment") for Halloween? Here are some cute and clever outfits owners made for a costume contest the site had.

Gothy Links

Abracadaver's Guide to Goth/Glam/New Wave/Mansonite and Otherwise Unusual Makeup
All about the makeup.
Gothic Beauty Magazine
Very, very cool publication; some great articles on fashion and style as well as music reviews.

A Goth Primer
Basic overview of the phenomena labeled "Goth".  Fairly complete. Also one of the few Goth sites that doesn't use a red & black color scheme; nice.
What are the characteristics of Goth Fashion?
A variety of answers.
Six Feet Under - a D.I.Y. Guide to Gothic Fashion
Includes some basic projects; but most of the numerous links don't work.
The Dark Side of the Net
Many links, well maintained and double checked.
How can you resist a site with a name like this? Has a Gothic Convention section with pictures that defy explanation.


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