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It's all about the Carnival  Lots of color, feathers and skin.
SAMBA.GIF Birds of Paradise
A group of Samba dancers in San Francisco. There's way too much java on this site so it's a bit frenetic at times but the pictures are fabulous and colorful. And there's music!
World Samba Homepage
Includes worldwide listings of samba schools and bands, a glossary, music sources, books, videos, an e-mail list, parade dates, etc. In short everything -- Samba.
Paraiso School of Samba
A London based school. Pretty good site with lots of info about UK events,
This group is based in Berkeley CA and has lots of great photos on their site. They even have a video on site!

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance (by Shira)
A comprehensive site; covers events, troupes, suppliers etc. -- basically
every aspect. She includes page after page of links to everyone and everything you might need. Includes humor and photos; a good all around source site.

Flamenco World
Covers both the music and dance. Reviews and makes music suggestions. Choice of English or Spanish text.
Salsa Web
Very thorough site; includes music, history, partner searches, city guide (where to find some salsa action in your area or wherever you're going), and info on the Salsa dance festival. Also
recommended videos. Lots of handy links.
Swing South Florida
Out of Florida (duh!) but has a national events calendar as well as local. Lots of history and useful links.
Music Links

Update: They're still there but were having a server problem last time I was on.
La Onda Network

Covers the Latin music scene, particularly Tejano. Includes a Selena tribute and the Tejano Journal.

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
All the latest news, tour dates, releases -- the ultimate Buffett site! Includes the Coconut Telegraph for Parrotheads, lyrics and stories behind the songs, and the Mini-Mart where you can purchase Margaritaville merchandise (Yeeha!).

Mariachi Publishing
History, costume, music sources, lyrics, and a particularly good section on the History of Women in Mariachi Music. Good photos and lots of information.
Miami Vice Links

Miami Vice Chronicles
The best "Vice" site I've found. Includes photos, bios, storylines,
music info. guest stars, et al.
First Miami Vice Web Pages
I don't know what they mean by "first" but it's an interesting site. Good photos, character bios, etc. Be forewarned: very slow loading -- some frames.


My main interest in Miami Vice so he goes here!
the Edward James Olmos Information Network is pretty much inactive at this point but still has good background info. But try this new link (below)! A nice site with very current info built by a friend; a semi-unofficial site.
Other Stuph (just for fun)

Dave's Gourmet
Like hot peppers, hot sauce? Here's da place. An on-line store with a full line of semi-to-really hot sauces, etc. And it's kind of a fun site to look at.

The Pepper Shop
Want to grow your own? These folks can help.
Cosmic Chile
Another place for the hot stuph. Lots of bottled fire and accessories.
As I find more fun things I want to share I'll add them in here.

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Additional Photo credit: Barry Feinstein & Tom Wilkes