Antique Cars & Trucks

The original Ford Ranchero
although they didn't call it that yet.
Black & Gold

19?? Cord
Wasn't this called a coffin-nose?

1956 Nomad

1904 Haynes-Apperson
from Kokomo, Indiana

1957 Chevy wagon...duh!

International Harvester
This one's quite old but they didn't 
change their look much.

Chevy Truck
Year? No clue, you got any idea?

Catbird - ain't she purty?
1959 Cadillac Convertible, my favorite!

1933-34 Packard
I'm told this is an authentic original color.

Auburn - 1935
Boattail - you just can't see it from this angle

Fiji - 1959 Cadillac Limo
I used to know someone who had a '59
Cadillac Hearse, absolutely huge.

1958, your choice of colors:
black or black.

1956 Blue convertible.
Yeah, we all want one

This is a real woody; interior and everything.
Complete with original accessory 'trunks'.

1959 Beardmore London taxi
Only one registered in Missouri
Only 35 left out of 650 made.

Tricked up a little for the rod show.

1936-40 Packard
Pretty gold color

Lincoln Limo
1933-36 Limo, only slightly shorter than
a standard bus