Street Rods
Chopped, channeled, lowered.....
             not restored --re-imagined.
I love these cars!  The colors, chrome, pimp interiors; the sheer audacity
to do things like this to a vehicle.  These are cars that just scream to be
photographed.  I, of course, oblige.

Ooh! Suicide doors.
And a nice fade on the paint job.

Gussy up a Nomad and here's
what you get.

'64 Impala

Lowered Buick - '52 or '53

 '49 Merc
There's something about a Mercury
 of a certain age that just begs 
to be customized.

 Black Cherry
Whatever it was originally doesn't matter,
the color sort of obliterates all that.

the Cadster - front
from the World of Wheels show

the Cadster - back
originally a '58 Caddy

 '63 Oldsmobile
Easily occupies 1.5 to 2 parking spaces.
It says "Let the Good Time Roll" on the trunk
and the license plate says "SH-NANA".

Chevy Bel-Air
"Adios Mother"
Yes, those are wheelie-bars under the bumper.

Clarice - front
from the World of Wheels show

Clarice - side
(that's not snow, that's reflections from
the exhibit hall lights, 50 ft. up)

...and sometimes it's just about the Fancy Paint Job