Fancy Paint Jobs

This one lives near my neighborhood,
I've seen it cruising around. 
That's holo-glitter in the paint.

Lime Green!
What model? I don't know - it was GREEN!

Very busy flames.

Purple chameleon flames on an F-150

Cool flames on a truck
including the window!

Euro style
Kind of like a reverse tattoo.

Chopped and lowered truck with a custom grill;
and blue and gold flames.

Yellow flames on a purple Merc that's been lowered and chopped.

Now that's nice, almost tasteful....
Nah! Too cool for that.

And the diametric opposite of tasteful --
lime green and red flames with a screaming skull on a blue truck.

White hot flames on a bright red Merc (I think).

Orchid isn't a color I'd generally recommend
even with coordinated purple slashes;
but nicely done.

Blue chameleon flames on a pearl white hood.