Vintage Cars

1968 Shelby
Stands alone, as it should. There's nothing quite like it.
I'm not sure if this one's original or restored but it's very nice.

1960 Cadillac
Less serious fins but still snazzy.

Dodge Lancer '59
Honestly, I just liked the paint job.

the Fury, '60
What a frickin' beast! 
And in copper and black no less.

Innocenti 950
Never heard of one? Me neither until last year. I thought I knew every
little red Italian sports car from the early 60s but I missed this one. Definitely fits the profile, though.
The guy displaying it clearly loved his car. Told us all about he'd bought it from the original owner who still had the original Italian plates ( as you can see on the right). 



Now all I need is a Mazerati and
a Porsche and I'll have the whole set!