Lady Miss PC

AKA: "Bad Kitty"

CostumeCon 17 SF&F - "Best Pussy"

(This award title has a long and honorable history, sometime I'll see if I can get the full story from those that know these things acurately.)



Picture a very large white cat with platform boots. leather gauntlets, a vinyl corset and a whip.  She rises up out of her satin cat-bed to stalk around the stage.

Inspired by Prince's song "PC (Pussy Control)", the soundtrack began with an indignant cat yowl, some breaking glass and an angry "Bad cat!"  The cat responds with another yowl and then does her dance to Prince's music.  

I'd had this idea ever since I first heard the song; the image of a dominatrix cat sprang into my head instantly but I didn't get around to it until 1998.  This is one case where the music chose the costume not the other way around.


PC was my second attempt at a furry so I wanted to use  what I'd learned from Fatima but correct some mistakes and improve other things for comfort and ease-of-wear. 

I've broken down the construction on the following pages


Head - armature 

Head - finishing

Hood, Bodysuit & Tail

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Photos by Linda Zang & Ken Warren