Lady Miss PC
the Hood, Bodysuit, Tail & Accessories

The hood isn't complicated but is essential to bridge the gap between the head and the suit.  This one tucked into the mock-turtle neck of the suit and fastened under the chin.
The bodysuit: A basic stretch velvet suit with an invisible zipper up the back. 

 Since I intended to wear boots and gloves with this costume I didn't need to make hands or feet, or worry about how to conceal the join.


The most complicated part was applying the fur  in areas to accentuate and distort my shape beneath the suit.  There is medium length fur on the upper arms, chest, upper back, back hips and lower thighs.  The longer fur is on the shoulders, upper chest, front thighs and tail tip (which you can't see here).
You'll notice that the fur sections don't lay smoothly.  Faux Fur generally doesn't stretch very well so in order to get it to lay right when I had it on it had to be stitched with some looseness to the very stretchy suit underneath.   I knew that stitching it too tightly would cause the threads to pop when I put it on and the velvet stretched.  The suit looks much better on a person than lying on a picnic table.





The tail: The tail was attached to the suit at approximately tailbone height.  The skeletal structure consists of small lengths of plastic tubing (1" diameter by 2" long) alternated with 1 " drilled wooden balls strung on a heavy cord. This allowed the tail too swing and bend naturally with some weight to it; a more serious, attitudinal cat tail, not a fluffy tail held high.  The cord came through into the body of the suit and was tied around my waist so that the tail's weight was supported by me and didn't drag down the suit

Note: Many people claim to have "invented" this type of tail.  I suspect it just came naturally to many people, it's functional and logical.  I don't believe there is one single person who can claim this design;  I certainly can't and mine pre-dates many of these claims. 

 A tube of stretch velvet lined with light quilt batting disguised the construction and it has a generous lion-tuft at the end.

Black "pony-skin" platform boots -- purchased but perfect for the character; and I already had them in the house
Black suede gauntlet gloves -- again purchased prior to the costume but suitable.
Bullwhip -- purchased (duh) specially for PC.
Dog collar -- with genuine rabies tags from a former pet and a small plastic skull from a hot-sauce bottle.
So that's my girl.  I have intentions of using the costume again sometime but I plan to make her another outfit.

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