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Here is a collection of interesting sites related to costuming that we've found so far. We'll add more as we go along.
The International Costumers Guild
This is our Guild chapter's parent organization. It is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the appreciation of the artform.
St. Louis Costumers Guild
The most fun chapter of the ICG (in our humble opinion)! Check out the crazy goings-on.

Most serious costuming Net surfers have visited the first three sites below. They're good jumping off points costuming source research. Each has a different flavor, and will take some time to go through, but they'll certainly save you some time by organizing everything into one spot.
Milieux - The Costume Site
Maintained by Lauren Podolak-White, she has a good selection of sources for supplies and various genre fan sites.
The Costumer's Manifesto
Run by Tara Maginnis, make a point of visiting the "Weird" links page for some interesting and offbeat costume and clothing sites.
The Costume Page
This is, perhaps, the most comprehensive mega-site for all things costume. Be prepared to spend hours looking through this one.
MakeUp Artist Magazine
On top of just being a neat magazine, they have a website with lots of interesting features, and
many way-cool links, such as contact lenses, prosthetics supplies, and so on.

If you enjoy looking at other people's works, we've got lots of goodies for you. We've organized them to by interest, to some extent. Where we have lots of links, we've now given them their own page. Our main interests run to the more creative Science Fiction and Fantasy types, but we also like sites with people who've made historical costumes. Many of these also very helpful pages showing how they constructed their pieces and even more links. Have a look below:
Special Interest:
Studio Creations
With Star Wars back again, Jeff Allen's site is a timely one to check out. He has two how-to instructionals on building Stormtrooper armor and a Power Droid. 
Lots of good info on vac-forming and using fiberglas.
How to Build a Judge Dredd Costume
A fan of the British comic series decided to try recreating the Sylvester Stallone movie version costume.

Archon Masquerade
Our local (regional) competition; large and varied, a lot of stuff never seen outside the Midwest. Contains photos from the most recent con and past winners. Registration info. etc.
One of these years, we want to get down to Atlanta, GA, for this huge multi-media SF convention, held every summer. Attendance is something like 10,000, with celebrity guests and events for everyone's interests. To see the galleries of costume photos, enter "masquerade" in the site's search engine. Also, try "costumes".
This is the archival and info site for the international costume convention venue called Costume-Con, the premier venue for costumers. Maintained by Betsy Delaney, it lists CCs past, present and future. If you want to know anything about it, this is the place to go. It has is also an on-line archive for official photographs from the con. If you want to see International competition level costumes, you'll find them here.

St. Louis International Folkfest
If you like ethnic costuming from a wide variety of countries, this is the place. Also dance, food, and handicrafts. Here is a sampling of some of Nora's photos from past years
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