the Workshop

Bruce's very first costume was a Dalek, back in 1984. He was still living at home with his parents, so he had plenty of expendable income (and little good sense). It took him 2 years, and then he revised it because he wanted it to look even more like the Daleks in the 2nd Doctor Who movie "Daleks -- Invasion Earth 2150 AD". So he changed the base.

"Fred", as the Dalek became to be known, was constructed of plywood, metal, and a modified kettle grill. Fred now lives in our basement, taking up a large amount of space, and he's still one of Bruce's proudest achievements. Want to see how it was done?

If you don't want to read all that drivel, there's a Dalek resource page.

a marbled bar...

Tie- Dye: As one of our costumers guild activities, Nora has been occasionally teaching a tie-dye workshop in our backyard. Here, she explains the process. Warning: Bright colors! opposed to a bar of marble

Putting together the "Dawgs" hats for Bruce's office was a one week project. All he needed was big chunks of foam, an electric knife, scissors, a wood rasp, spray contact glue and some paint. Take a look.