"Dawg" Construction

foam Making the "dawgs" was pretty simple. The only tools I used were a carpet knife, scissors, a large course wood rasp and an electric carving knife. The "Dawgs" hats started as big 6" thick pieces of foam from an upholstery foam store. I got a good deal on the them when I described what I planned to do with the stuff.
electric tools First, I cut the the foam into rectangular pieces of the length the "dawgs" would eventually be.
Then, I trimmed off the corners, following up by trimming with scissors, finishing with the rasp. foam
foam Next came the "buns". I had to take into account that they had to wrap around both sides of the "dawgs". They didn't exacly look like real buns because of the size, but once they were wrapped around, they looked fine.
Once the pieces were cut out, I hit them with a few coats of paint and glued them together with spray contact adhesive. I used something called "Foam Fast 74" ( I think I got it from the foam place, but you should be able to buy it at a big hardware store, also there are other products as well -- this one may now be unavailable).

Taking a carpet knife, I just started hacking out a bowl-shaped hole on the bottom side, through both the bun and the "dawg", eventually making a big enough area that the whole thing would fit on a person's head. To finish, I made the "chili" out of the tips of egg crate foam I had laying around the house. All told, I made 6 of them in 16 man hours for $42 (not counting stuff I had on hand).

painted foam