Dalek Resources

If you need some good reference photos and such, or if you're just a fan of these critters, and you don't have them already, the books and magazines below are a good place to start. Unfortunately for me, most of these came out after I'd completed Fred for the last time!
The Doctor Who Technical Manual
Mark Harris
Published 1983
American version published by Random House
British version published by Severn House Publishers, Ltd.
ISBN 0-394-86214-7 (paperback)
ISBN 0-394-96214-1 (hardback?)
If you have no other source, you gotta have this one. The technical drawings are pretty darn accurate for prototype Dalek. Just don't use the scale provided on the page -- it must've gotten changed in size during publishing. It also contains regular drawings of two other types (including the movie Daleks), but not as technical renderings. So far as I know, this book is still available.
The Frame Magazine, Issues 1 - 7 + 9
Published 1987-1989
I hesitate to mention this source, since they're out of print. However, if you happen to run across them at a Science Fiction convention, these are invaluable to getting every detail right. These issues contained painstakingly detailed articles by writers Stephen James Walker and Tony Clark, noting how and when each generation of Dalek was constructed during Doctor Who's run, which ones were rebuilt, flaws, and so on. There were plans to include notes on the movie Daleks and a compendium of all the articles, but this never came to fruition. An absolute must for the nitpicker-- but finding them will be tough. According to publisher David Howe, they are no longer available via backorder.
The Official Doctor Who and the Daleks Book
John Peel and Terry Nation
Published 1988
American edition, St. Martins Press
ISBN 0-312-02264-6
Mostly of general interest for the fan, it has descriptions of all the episodes plus behind-the-scene info for each TV story. There's also info on the two movies, plus the official Dalek history according to creator Terry Nation. There are some good photo refs, but most are rather small.
Terry Nation's Dalek Special
Compiled and edited by Terrance Dicks
Published 1979
A Target Book, W.H. Allen & Co., Ltd.
ISBN 0-426-20094-2
Mostly a young fan's book, but has some interesting public appearance photos. Not sure if this is in print, but can probably be gotten through specialty stores and conventions.

Published by Marvel Comics, Ltd., UK
Issue #84, January 1984

This particular issue had a good article on the production of the two Dalek movies, including some excellent reference photos. It has Peter Cushing on the cover. Again, you may be able to find this second-hand.

Other Miscellaneous Stuph
Doctor Who and the Daleks!
This site is noteworthy for its extensive photo references, including some nice shots of how the originals were constructed. It also has the notorious Katy Manning nude with Dalek photo.
A similar site to the one above, it's an "online directory of the location of every Dalek currently in existence in the world". Owners send in pics of their Daleks and a profile of themselves for all the world to see. The webmaster has tried to instill a bit of fun, asking what name the owners's Daleks go by, and almost all of them have one, I've discovered. As the site warns, it's very "graphic intensive" so have patience when waiting for the pages to load -- they're worth it.
The Dalek Builders Club
This is a great resource site for anyone with notions of building their own Dalek. There are plans you can download and step by step pages on how to build each component of the critters (I wish it had been available when I built "Fred"!). It has a photo gallery of people's projects, plus links to their individual sites. It also has some intriguing links to sites where either reproduction or original Dalek parts are for sale. There's also Dalek history.
The Skaro Toy Museum
I ran across this while looking up on-line Dalek references. This is a really cool site if you're a Dalek fan.  David Hicks has put on a virtual museum on the Web of Dalek-related collectables from his own and others' collections. He has also been collecting other photos from fans related to the show in some way: among others, there's an excellent detail pic of a Cyberman gun prop.
This Planet Earth, Ltd.
Y' say you don't have the kinda time to waste on building a Dalek yourself? Got money to burn? Then, this site is for you! You can purchase a fully functional, accurate, custom-made Dalek built by professional prop makers for around $3300 (plus shipping). They sell other prop replicas from the show, also.
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