the St. Louis
Hispanic Festival 2002

August 10 - 11, 2002

Pete the Electrician (on the wall at the rear)
Opening Ceremonies

It was, as usual, fairly hot. But up on the hill beneath the trees there was a bit of a breeze so it was okay. 

The Law

Black shirt, black hat, full sun -- bad idea!

In a good mood.

And I got to indulge in my favorite sport --  people-watching. 

Half of the ring o'merchants

There was plenty of good food, crafts, beer, margaritas, and music!

More people-watching. 

guy in front of truck

two cuties

Cool drink, hot day

One sister in charge of another. 
Paso Finos Paso Finos waiting patiently for their turn at center stage.

 Solucion Latina
Solucion Latina rocked the amphitheater.  They were very hot up there, literally.

Want to find out more? See their website --

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St. Louis Hispanic Festival 

St. Louis Hispanic Festival 2001

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