the St. Louis
Hispanic Festival 2001

August 2001

Jefferson Barracks Park Amphitheater

It's always well attended and can be a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon or evening.    

We brought a blanket and staked out a shady spot under the trees at the rim of the amphitheater. After spreading out the blanket, setting up lawn chairs, and applying sunscreen and insect repellent; we took turns wandering the booths and tents.   One of us would stay with the stuff while the others made forays for food, drink, and souvenirs.  

Panamanian Dancers

Panamanian Dancer

But we spent a lot of time lounging on the hill, listening to the music, and people-watching.  Between acts, we even did some costume planning and discussed ways to fix all of the world's problems.

A  comfortable and enjoyable way to enjoy a day of music and margaritas.


A  series of energetic Mexican dances.  I'm don't know how they do this in the heat but I certainly admire them.  They're fun to watch and always seem to enjoy themselves.  One of these days maybe I'll remember to write down the names of the performing groups but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Mexican Dancers

Mexican Dancers

Mexican Dancers

Mexican Dancer


Mexican Dancers

And more people watching. 

cute guy

I got some pretty good shots with my telephoto; very candid cause these folks had no idea the camera was pointed at them.

there with the family

the D.A.R.E. Cruiser

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