Our Friends

At one of our Costumers Guild meetings (at our house), one of our members put on a slide show of his 3-D photos for us.

"3-D Dave" Schenken has a special two camera setup that he designed that produces 3-D slides when shown with a 'twin' projector system (which he also devised). You have to wear 3-D glasses to see the images correctly but the results are very cool!. Everybody looked pretty silly, though.

"Oooh! Scary!!
Very scary people

Mr. Intensity and his other favorite beverage

mice with sandwich

Our Friends' Websites
Not too many of our friends actually have websites yet, but hopefully they'll see what fun we're having and get to work. So the list is a little sparse:
 The Axe of Judgment 
Karen's long awaited vanity page.  There's not much there yet but it will grow -- Bwaahahahaha!!
Jeff's Wide World of Fanfic
'dillo Jeff Morris talks about his interests such as Jimmy Buffet, his 'dillo collection, some stuff on our costumers guild and his extensive fan fiction writing. Be sure to check out the exploits of Shelby Morris (the progeny).
Code Red Emergency! Fanfiction
Jeff's wife, Mary, has her own site. it's "...a repository of stories written by fans of EMERGENCY!, the 1970's program about two L.A. County paramedics, their fellow firefighters and the doctors and nurses of Rampart".
Spiked Punch's Den
This is one of our Guild chapter members. He's a "Furry" Costumer (see the
Furry Links page for explanation). If you're interested in pics and links to folks in anthropomorphic animal costumes, check it out.

pat and mo-mo
Pat Bothman & "Mo-Mo"

carol & jim
Carol & Jim Inkpen