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Carlos continues with the formula that made Supernatural such a hit; collaborating with contemporary artist to draw from more than one audience.  I'd listen just to hear Carlos play guitar but I'll admit the guest artists add to the fun. My favs?  "Foo Foo", "You are My Kind" featuring Seal, and "One of These Days" with Ozomatli; but they're all good.

Fires at Midnight 
Blackmore's Night
This is an ensemble group lead by Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night.  This is their third album and they all reflect the group's origin at Ren faires.  Most of the songs are quite enjoyable and will get you in the mood to go to your local faire.  Favorite cut - "Home Again".
Lucky Day 
I've always liked Shaggy ever since "Mr. Boombastic".  This new album has his  typical sound so if you've liked him before you'll like this.  Lots of guest artists including Chaka Khan.
Thunder of the Swords 
Sufi Trance
The music on this album is based on sufi trance music not the real thing. Very unearthly sound.
The Rose 
Mediaeval Baebes
An English group that does early music covers (Medieval & Renaissance, primarily) as well as some original written in those styles. An interesting group with truly amazing voices.  Check out their website:
Southern Hummingbird 
Her debut album.  Some blues, some other, and a couple of cuts produced by Miss E. Elliot.  My favs? "Oops Oh My" and "Call Me".
The Rough Guide to
Merengue & Bachata 
Various Artists
A great series of CDs. If you'd like to find out a little bit about a particular world region's music but aren't sure you'll like it, these are a great place to start.  I have 18 CDs from this series, including: Cajun, Portugal, Tex-Mex, & Indonesia.
Mondo Samba 
Various Artists
Another sampler series that I just got into. Again, it's a good way to try some world music without too much risk.

Millenium Dance Party (2002)
One day,
I was idly going through a Borders bookstore CD department looking for new music, searching for a particular tune that I didn't know who the title or artist was.  Fortunately, the astute clerk found them on this CD, and it turns out it has a lot of great music.  Put out by Rhino records, it has such well known cuts as "Groove is in the Heart", Moby's "Body Rock", "Unbelievable" by EMF and "Pump Up the Volume", just to name a few.  It also has such goodies as "Cantaloop" (heard on a couple of TV commercials and the one I was looking for) and "I See You Baby" by Groove Armada.  It's a good upbeat CD.  It's been played a lot around the Casa.
I, Bificus
Bif Naked
I heard her first on "Buffy" and liked the sound enough to look it up.  Nice and angst-y with a quirky twist.  Very listenable.  Favorite cuts: "Twitch", "Moment of Weakness", and "Lucky" (heard on "Buffy").
Bif Naked
Nice second album, shows a lot of growth.  Some good funky, in-your-face songs as well as more blues-like tunes.  Favorites: "Misery" (with Steven Tyler), "Just Like a Pill", and "Get the Party Started".
Laundry Service 

Her first english-language album but she's included a couple of cuts in both  spanish  and english.   There's a very  middle-eastern flavor to several of the songs, which I like a lot.  Favorites: "The One", "Objection" and "Eyes Like Yours". 

 Rock Steady
No Doubt
More rock/reggae stuff from No Doubt.  Fun to listen (and dance) to.  "Hella Good", "Start the Fire", and (of course) "Hey Baby" top the list.

The Greatest Hits of
Kenny Loggins
I needed a CD recording for a costume presentation I did for the 2001 Archon masquerade (which you'll being seeing a photo of soon).  I liked his early '80s stuff, but the cuts from his later stuff don't do anything for me.

Ghost in the Shell
Kenji Kawai

A very haunting soundtrack for a Japanese animated feature that has been favorably compared to the epic Akira.  I like the opening track, "Making of Cyborg", which sounds a bit like a Bulgarian women's choir.


Ain't Life Grand
Widespread Panic

Oddly enough, I first heard this in an office supply store.  It was playing on a computer with some sort of "psychedelic" screen saver, and it just fit.  This band is sort of like a cross between the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band.


Moulin Rouge   Various

The soundtrack to this movie is very cool. We've both been listening to it, recently. The updated version of "Lady Marmalade" kicks major butt.  I've told Nora she should do a costume presentation to this track.  And who knew Ewan McGregor had such a beautiful singing voice?  "Hindi Sad Diamond" is a spectacular scene and song towards the end of the movie, based on East Indian "Bali-wood" musicals.  I am not big on musicals, but this movie is one of the best I've seen, because it was so unconventional. It's a great costume spectacle, and an amazing piece of cinematography.

rarewerks Rarewerks
Various Artists
A fairly comprehensive collection of dance / electronica / techno music with examples from many of the better known groups. If you're not sure if you'll like this kind of music, I can heartily recommend this CD; it's a very good sampler. Includes works by: Fatboy Slim, Cassius, Scanty Sandwich, the Chemical Brothers, and others.
trouble in the land Trouble in the Land
Black 47
I refer to these guys as Irish Protest Music. It has the usual Irishy sound combined with guitar rock, but listen to the lyrics -- that's where the 'protest' part comes in. This band is based in New York but some of them do come the Old Sod so it's an interesting mix of Old World charm and New world sensibility. Try this or any of their other three albums: Green Suede Shoes, Fires of Freedom, and Home of the Brave. Particular fav songs:
"Blood Wedding", "Mo Bhron", "Maria's Wedding", and "Bodhrans on the Brain".
kawapunahele Kawapunahele
Keali'i Reichel
You'll find this under World Music / Hawaii. He's very popular there and sings many of his songs in Hawaiian. He has a very pleasant tenor voice and, since many of his cover photos show him barely dressed, not bad to look at either. Including this one, I have four of his albums; also: Melelana, Lei Hali'a, and E O Mai. Favorites:
"Wanting Memories", "If I Had Words" (Theme from Babe), "Patchwork Quilt", and "Nematoda".
time is money Time is Money
SPM (South Park Mexican)

Southern Texas Mexican-American rap. Very issue oriented but some interesting messages that I haven't heard from too many rappers. There is, of course, the obligatory "colorful" language (Parental Advisory / Explicit Content -- they ain't kidding!) which I could generally live without but the songs are still interesting. Of note: "My Feria" and 'Twice Last Night".


everything you want Everything You Want
Vertical Horizon
I listened to this again while I was finishing up painting the house. "The End" was appropriate for a title.
I'm still listening to this one when I want to feel good.  "Oh No The Radio" is one of my all-time favorites.


riding with the king


pure 80s