Twisted Links & Stuff

We weren't sure where these really belonged so we had to give them
their own page.  It's not that these aren't fun (they are), but they have a 
decidedly odd cast to them.  We couldn't pass on them though.
First: Bubble Monkey Soap Lump ....right.  It's not the soap itself, but the packaging.  Would you like to know what it says? And I swear I'm not making any of this up; it's right there on the packaging!

Go stinky monkey go -- Bubble up, bubbly monkey!

Look here eyes on soap!

I smell someone's monkey feet!
Oh, they're nice like monkey bubbles!

Furry. Noisy. Sweet. Lump

7 oz. of happy good odor

"Where are you going funny monkey?"

"Yes, you are so shiny. Clean underpants welcome you!"

How many fish do the oceans sleep? More than monkeys.

Fun times for you and all Bubble Monkeys!

When I was born I traveled to the light and squinted into the wonder.

Bubble Monkeys just love fascinating scent combinations -- like a fresh bathroom breeze. Rub on and rinse! Let the suds go where they want! Squeaky clean monkeys make everyday happy!

Scent breeze

Focus the nostrils to monkey fun holes for pleased flavor flaring.

When the fish say hello, it's time to have the best, THE BEST!

Let the strange begin....

Penguin Poking:
At this site you can poke a penguin.  Yup.   Weird but fun.

Viking Kittens:

This is the infamous Viking Kittens; two fuzzy little cuties with swords and 
horned helmets.   The first video was snagged from Led Zeppelin.  Now it appears the kittens are expanding their repetoire.....

Star Trek on ice.  Need we say more?

You know those sugary candies shaped like chicks (and other things) that come in wholly unnatural colors around Easter?  Well, since they're not actually food anyway I guess it's okay to play with them.

Escher - Ascending / Descending
Trick photography? Yeah, but it's still cool.  Escher's work done in Legos™.

An actual Japanese commercial for Kikkoman. Includes sex, violence &
suicide; everything you'd usually expect in a soy sauce commercial.
Kitty Hip Hop
Speaking of kittens above, here's another animation -- featuring a rapping kitten.  What makes it twisted?  Check out the lyrics....
Find Your Silly Name
This is worth a chuckle or two.  We're Zippy and Lumpy Bananalips.   The "Change-O-Chart 2000 is a bit limited in its scope, but it's still pretty funny.
Spank The Monkey
Yet another one where you say, "Ooooo-kayyyyy".  Click and hold on the object on the right side of the screen, then drag it quickly to the left.

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