Cancun is our favorite restaurant.  There used to be three of these in the St. Louis area, but we think they're down to one or two, now.  There used to be one in Collinsville, where our costuming friends would all gather for dinner on Fridays, but they have apparently sold out.  The new business still serves Mexican food, however (see below).

This is a picture of the remaining Northwest Plaza location.

Yup, it's a great restaurant, authentic Mexican right down to the waiters. (Geographic notation here: this is the Midwest, immigration is a some-time thing here. However the Hispanic population has recently burgeoned. Go figure. But it means we now have some good restaurants and some of Nora's favorite bands come to town now.)
We bring all our friends here. The waiters recognize us when our group shows up. Of course the smallest bunch we ever brought was 20. before CC16
after CC16 After CC16 we showed up with 45 people in tow! They were astounded and amused. We always have a good time, and I think the staff enjoys us, too.


the mural

So if you come to visit and we're in the mood for Mexican, we'll probably drag you to our favorite restaurant.

Cancun Mexican Restaurant

Collinsville location

***Now called "Zapata's"
8 Eastport Plaza Drive
Collinsville, IL 62234


800 Northwest Plaza
St. Ann, MO 63074
2615 N. Illinois St.?
Swansea, IL 62221
22 Arnold Park Mall?
Arnold, MO 63010