the Exercise Room
Since we want to look good in our costumes, vanity can be a good motivator. The key to sticking with an exercise program is to do something that doesn't bore you. Bruce has used the NordicTrak and worked with free weights in front of a TV. He also walks almost every day during his lunch hour at work. Nora likes to dance, so she works out to music when she has time. It doesn't hurt to switch the kinds of exercise every so often, either.

We've also done Tae Bo sometimes.  It's the aerobic exercise that combines moves from Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing with dance. It's fun, low-impact, and it's a great workout.  Nora ordered the 4-tape set from an infomercial. The first tape teaches you the basic moves. The following 3 tapes are of different time lengths. The 25 minute workout can be quite convenient for us: we do it right after dinner. Then, we still have time to get things done around the house and work on costumes. (A warning: if you visit the site, you can't use your browser's "Back" button to return here.)

Here's Merlin helping Mom do one of the warm-up exercises.
feel the burn, Mom


The "toy"

Bruce bought a used
multi-station exercise machine a few years ago.  It's very versatile, and a lot of stuff can be done with it.  Bruce continues to mix in some free weights and other stuff to try to trim down the stomach.