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WARNING: this site is in the process of being re-done!!
It's all still there but some of it still has the old style on it.
So just deal - it'll get there! 

Who we are: Our mission, our origins, our officers, our member
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What we do: Activities, meetings, parties, and other nefarious goings-on; including:
Our mascot: la belle Francesca
Our newsletter: "the Scarlet Letter"; current stuff and "the List"
Glossary: Confused?  Some of our casual references may elude you; check here for explanations.
Calendar of Upcoming Events: When, where (and how often).
Membership information: How much, how often, and what you get.
the New Page -- quick reference to changes and new items on the site.

Need more information?  Just want to be sociable?  Both valid reasons to e-mail us at:
How about information on other areas, venues, or other costumey stuff?  Check out Our Links page.

Thanks to Shannanigan for some of the nifty backdrops; 
visit her site for more keen stuff.

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