The Drunken Iguana
(La Iguana Borracha)

Mid-Coast Party Pirates!!!!!
The Pirates are a fantastically imaginative historically based (NOT entirely) crew. 
They can be whatever peri-oid we like (we keep referring to them as Hollywood authentic), so pretty much anything goes!

Our Mission: To foment creative rebellion and chaos!

The Crew:

Esmé Dulcea Lyonesse von Drago -- Captain (Nora Mai) "I've got yer keel-haul right here!" Scourge of University City and the Mid-County area (more appellations to follow)

Blue Lips Dirk -- First Mate and chief co-conspirator (Karen Heim) Also Grog taste-tester for the Captain.

Angus "Hardtack" McCray -- Chief Cook & Bottle Washer (Bruce Mai) 'Ya' dinna have to call me 'Angus'. I'd prefer ye dint, actually."

Iron Tom Brilliant -- Pilot (Bruce Hinterleitner) In charge of keeping us sailing true on our crooked, wide way. Be gentle with The Iguana, she be a delicate lizard. 

Mad Bess the Nice -- Ship's Mum  (Sue Eisenhour) Just don't try to get off the ship without taking your cod liver oil! (You put on those galoshes before you step into that wet bilge.)  She'll  read you bed-time stories, and tuck you in of a night. She also serves milk and cookies (shaped like skulls), helps polish the cannons, and applies mink oil to the cat 'o nine-tails.

Rum Dog McGee -- Ship's Surgeon  (Larry Mische) The shakiest sawbones to sail the Seven Seas. 

Lusty Kat Whipshanks -- Boatswain (Ramona Taylor) "Quick of wit, quick with the whip, and quick to slit the gullet of any double-dealing, supply-stealing bilge-rat what dares take hold o' what's in the hold." 

Pierre "Dirty Napster" TouPierre -- Master Gunner (Jack Below)

Dark Dan de Morte -- Master of Arms (Dan Hillen) and duelist supreme. (We call him Mort for short). 

TaTa O'Sullivan -- Ship's Trollop  (Genie Hillen) (aka: Dock Lolly) 

Rubis (Ruby) Gaile du Perle -- Paymaster and Purser  (Sandy Pettinger) Ships' purser and paymaster (Be nice to me or ye don't get yer cut!)  In charge of distributing the glitz.

Diamant Pierre du Gem - Entertainment Director (Pierre Pettinger) (Don't ask what I define as 'entertainment'!!) "After cocktails on the lido deck we'll be having a plank-walking demonstration" (aka 'Glitzy Pierre') 

The Grumpy Old Bugger -- Ship's Carpenter (Jim Inkpen) A cooper to keep the rum barrels in good shape.

Mad Marie Beauchamp - Assistant Cook (Lily Burns) 

Red Dirk the Drunkard -- Grog Master (Dick Hyll) 

Jennie the Ship's Witch (Julia Hyll) "I be protecting your great ship from foundering but the crew is on their own (bribes accepted)"

Margarete Morningstar -- Mistress of the Gundeck (Sue Parent)

Crooked Dick -- 42nd mate, master of slops, and 3rd assistant quartermaster of the bilge (Dave Kanoy) General dogs-body 

? -- "Prisoner held for ransom" (Sue Kanoy)

Toppe O'Logical -- Ship's Knotmaster (Steve Swope)

Fishhead -- the Ship's Cat (Heather Whiteside)

Gingher - the Ship's Kitten (Melissa Knappenberger) 

Yeller John Shinji -- the official Ship's Coward (Jeff Morris)

 "Bloody Mary" Mary - Ship's Nurse (Mary Morris) Celery sticks and tabasco cure everything.

Calico Mary Bonney -- Sailmaker (Karen McFerran)

"Nightingale" James Kidd -- Chantymaster (Geoffrey Pruitt) The guy who sings while the rest of you are working.

More nonsense as it occurs to us later!

Including photos and tales of our adventures!!



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