The Drunken Iguana
(La Iguana Borracha)

The Crew:

Esmé Dulcea Lyonesse von Drago

Blue Lips Dirk

Angus "Hardtack" McCray


Iron Tom Brilliant
(a wench in every port)

Mad Bess, the Nice

Rum Dog McGee


Lusty Kat Whipshanks

Pierre "Dirty Napster" TouPierre

Dark Dan de Morte


TaTa O'Sullivan

Rubis (Ruby) Gaile du Perle

Diamant Pierre du Gem


The Grumpy Old Bugger

Mad Marie Beauchamp

Red Dirk 
the Drunkard 


the Ship's Witch

Margarete Morningstar

Crooked Dick -
42nd Mate


Toppe O'Logical
(on the left)

"Prisoner held for ransom"


Yeller John Shinji Gingher - the Ship's Kitten "Bloody Mary" Mary
"Nightingale" James Kidd Calico Mary Bonney

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