the St. Louis Costumers Guild

As a chapter of the International Costumers Guild, we've done our part to educate the public; helping others learn to appreciate and participate in one of Mankind's oldest artforms: Costuming
Lectures on historical dress, costume construction, and technique. 
We've given talks at local high schools, historical societies, and the Missouri chapter of the Romance Writers of America. Funny, everyone wants to know about the underwear!

Nora Mai and Karen Heim discuss (and display) "Underclothing of the Nineteenth Century" for the Affton Historical Society in 1995.

Library Displays. 
We've done several displays in local libraries to promote ourselves and CC16.



Provide a colorful presence at local events. We've gotten appearance requests from some merchants, Artists' groups, and high school sponsored Ren-faires.
When The New World Rennaissance Band came to town in 1994, we were invited to appear and sold fruit and cheese at a small reception after the concert.

Nora Mai and Ramona Taylor "hang" with the Band at Webster Records.

Front row (L to R): Ruth Bixler, Karen Heim, 
Pat Bothman, & Nora Mai. 
On the steps: Ramona Taylor, Bruce Mai, 
Steve Swope, & Larry Mische.

We had an entry in the Kidney Foundation's Chili Cook-Off in 1993 & 1994. 
Below: "Cheap & Easy Chili"

(L to R):  Karen Heim, Candy, Ramona Taylor, Ruth Bixler & Nora Mai. 

"Baubles, Bangles, & Beans"
L to R: Ramona Taylor, Karen Heim, Genie Hillen, 
& Bruce Mai

Nerinx Hall High School Renaissance Faire Some of our members are also members of the local SCA group. And the SCA is often invited to the same things we are. But both groups have something to offer since our focuses are so very different.

A gentleman whose name I don't know but I believe is very highly-placed in the SCA with our Pat Bothman.

Above: Their royal procession 
Below: Their King and Queen


Our little booth with Ramona Taylor & Carol Inkpen.


More Event Photos

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