Origins & Officers

Back in 1991, a group of friends (who met originally in a Doctor Who fan club) came to the appalling conclusion that they still had several hours of free time every week which could be put toward a more useful purpose.

But they decided to found the St. Louis Costumers Guild, instead.

The originating officers (whose names are lost in the dust of time and probably best forgotten) chose for our mission in the great Costuming Community:

"We take our costuming seriously, not ourselves."

Thus we became "The St. Louis Ubiquitous Tailoring Society", with a reputation for twisted humor, subtle wit, and quality costuming. 
In that vein, our current officers:

the BurgherMeister MeisterBurgher (President) -- Karen Heim 
President of Vice (Vice-President) -- Deech Mestel
Secretary -- Kelli Lynch
Newsletter Editor -- Jack Below  
She Who Must be Paid (Treasurer) -- Genie Hillen
Web-stress -- Nora Mai
Librarian -- Karen Heim

Having trouble with some of our references? Check out the Glossary, maybe it'll help! (No guarantees.)
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