SLCG Glossary

We have a whole host of slang and "terms of endearment" which might confuse some who aren't familiar with our ways. We include a complete list as well as local references and 'in-jokes' we might toss around in "The Official, Essential St. Louis Ubiquitous Tailoring Society Orientation Manual", included in our Membership packet. We felt it was only fair since we began acquiring members who weren't actually from the St. Louis area and didn't want them to feel left out. Here is a sampling:
St. Louis Ubiquitous Tailoring Society / SLUTS -- our alternate, fun name; a terrific marketing ploy. (Sort of explains the Hat as you entered this site, too.)
The Scarlet Letter -- our quarterly newsletter that provides our members with up-to-date meeting info, feature articles, and "The List" (Things overheard at SLCG meetings, taken extremely out-of-context.)
A tawdre of SLUTs (taw-dray)-- a group or collective of our members.
Stitch'n'Bitch -- informal meeting to brainstorm, get pinning/fitting/other help, schmooze, and banter.
The Slattern -- presented to the person or persons (not in the SLCG) who we believe is having the most fun on stage, this coveted award has been presented at many Archons and several CostumCons and is in the form of a lace-bedecked, red garter.
Gang Signs -- Yep, we have 'em. But we can't show them to you or they wouldn't be secret. See? But they're in the manual.
The Manual also contains official greetings, deciphers (but does not try to explain) the local lingo, defines such elusive terms as "NMBASA", and provides handy tips on how to avoid volunteering for something. And much, much more!

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