Membership Information

Think you need a new creative outlet and might find the right kind of support and energy with us?

Or have you been at this for years and just didn't realize that there were others like yourself out there?

Well, you're not alone. Here's the details:

Membership includes:
One year membership in the SLCG 
One year membership in the ICG 
One year subscription (4 issues) of the Scarlet Letter 

SLCG Orientation Packet:

The Official, Essential SLUTS Orientation Manual 
Official "SLUT" button SLCG Membership card (which entitles you to a 20% off of regularly priced merchandise at the Jackman's Fabric store on Lindbergh) 

The SLCG-X E-mail list: an open forum for costume discussion,    ask and ye shall receive information. 

Emotional & creative support amongst people with the same disturbing interest 

Help with all those sticky design problems 

The privilege of being called a "SLUT" & hanging out with other SLUTs 

Access to resources, experience, and advice from a diverse range of specialties 

Other keen goodies to come

Individual -- $20 / yearly 
Additional person -- $15 / yearly 
(same household, one newsletter per household) (example: 2 people = $35, 3 people = $50, etc.) 

By popular demand, you can now pay for your membership 
via PayPal.
Please be sure to select the correct membership option 
& include all contact information for our records.

Important Note: these are for full, primary memberships

Individual Renewal

Additional Renewal (same address)

New Individual Membership

New Additional Member (same address as new individual)

Already a Member in another Chapter of the ICG?
But you still want a secondary membership in the SLCG
'cause we're soooo cool?
The Secondary rate is $12, but you must have 
a valid ICG membership through another chapter.

Secondary Membership  ONLY!!

Remember to include the name of  your other chapter as well as 
your ICG Expiration date (and your name, address, etc.)

E-mail us for further info:


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