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Here are some sites we've found that might be of use or entertainment for you.
International Costumers' Guild -- our parent organization, dedicated to being an educational resource for costumers of any persuasion. A good way to find out more about our hobby and where to find a chapter in your area.
CostumeCon-nections -- if you want to know what happened six years ago, where it'll be next year, when it'll be in your area, or how to bid on hosting one yourself (that's how we got one in our area) -- check here; a record of CostumeCons past and future ably maintained by Karen & Ricky Dick.
The Costume Page -- maintained by Julie Zetterberg, this is a major resource site for all costumers. Many, many links.
Whole Costumers Catalogue -- worth its weight in gold! A huge listing for mail-order, e-order, phone-order, and just plain retail shops all over North America and some international. All of the listings were submitted by fellow costumers. There's a listing by state and some book recommendations, as well.
AlterYears -- a great dealer for historical patterns, reference books, and some supplies. Worth the wait.
ARF -- Arch Regional Furs, the local group of 'furry' fans including costumers. They host a lot of fun events, inviting friends from all over the region. A good source if you're looking into full-fur or mascot-type costumes.
St Louis Fandom Online -- local listings of conventions and events. Most of our favorite local cons are listed and linked here, as well as other events that offer costuming opportunities. Generally an SF site but they also link some re-enactments and the Greater St. Louis Renfaire.
The Official Archon Web Site Official info on the Midwest's largest regional SF convention.
The Official Archon Masquerade Site and the Midwest's largest regional Masquerade. Register online!
SLCG Members sites -- Not all of these are strictly (some not even remotely) costume related; but that's okay, these are our members and this is what they're like.
Casa Mai -- Bruce & Nora's homepage Lots of costume photos and how-to's.  Also diverse personal interests, and MUSIC!! Come visit!
Axe of Judgement -- Karen Heim's birthday vanity page. All things Heim.
Spiked Punch's Den! -- Jack Below's Fursuit site.
Costuming and Fursuit-ing links and resources.
Furry references, some mature content.  Mostly Harmless.
Code Red Emergency! Fanfiction -- Mary Morris' homage to this 70s series; stories by fans about the classic TV show "Emergency!".  Generally no more than PG to PG-13.
Seto's Fan, A Tenchi Muyo: GXP Discussion Forum -- Mary's other site; a message board for discussion of the new anime series
Tenchi Muyo: GXP.  The board has the potential to be light R -- users should be above the age of 13.
Jeff's Wide World of Fanfic -- Jeff Morris' extensive fanfic site, covers many genres.  (Also personal section.)  Some mature themes here and there ("some material might give Grandma minor heart palpitations").
Tyger's Den -- Chris Roth's personal page with pictures, fur-stuff, and Robert "Spike" Norton.
Susan Eisenhour's Ego Trip -- Well, that about says it all. Susan's personal page with her personal stuff; including costume photos.
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