More Guild Events

Informational Tables 

We've displayed our wares at many a public event to promote ourselves and our agenda; including micro-brew festivals and Borders bookstore.
St. Louis Artist's Guild Renaissance Festival, where we manned a children's art booth to make shields and princess hats, and sold floral head-wreaths.


Some SCA members were there too.

Ramona Taylor & Larry Mische

Blatantly waving our own flag (tie-dyed) at the Sewing Guild of America's Sew-and-Sew Extravaganza.

L to R: Ramona Taylor, Karen Heim, Larry Mische, & Nora Mai
  Workshops, Demonstrations, & Seminars 

We've had some fun workshops and plan to have more in the future. Some examples are the workshops leading up to the Indian Party and those for the Bug Picnic and Cocktail Parties.

We've also done vac-forming, teeth casting, and tie-dye.

  Panel Discussions, Open Meetings, & Demos 

We do quite a lot of these at various conventions and at some local libraries.

Bad picture, good meeting.

Cathy Swope & Genie Hillen in panel coats.

Carol Inkpen

Karen Heim

"There's-nothing-up-my sleeve"

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