the Cocktail Parties

Spring and Summer 2001

A series of themed cocktail parties hosted at various members homes.  Each was an opportunity to indulge in period clothing, food, music, and alcohol. 

Our own Carol I. -- very proper!

The photos shown here were from "the Cuban Missile Crisis" party held at the home of Geoffrey Pruitt & Karen McFerran.

Barmeister Pruitt with tropically attired Genie Hillen & Nora Mai

There was Cuban music, many varieties of rum, and some fabulous food.

Also costumes.

Recreating period dolls (and carrying their shorter counterparts):
Caroline Peters, Cathy Swope, Steve Swope, & Abigail Peters

There was also "the Cold War" party held at Karen Heim's.  Very spy-era, with cocktail dresses and chilled or flavored vodkas.
And some variety of Tequila party at the Mai's.  When? Not sure, but there was probably Mexican music, beer, and food to go with.

(Pictures when we find them)


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