the Ugly Bug Ball

Saturday, June 9th at the Old Playgrounds Shelter

Members were encouraged to dress in some sort of insect them and bring insect-related food.  

Our pavilion at Tower Grove Park which we decorated with butterflies and other bugs.

The spread -- including shoo-fly pie.  Special kudos to Chris & Spike for the "main meal".

Ants at the Picnic - Dave Schenken

Recluse Spider - Karen Heim

Fly Swatter - 
Larry Mische

Superfly - Bruce Mai

? - Geoffrey Pruitt

Insect Attack Victim - Robert Norton

the Spider's Catch - Celeste Webster

Dragonfly - Cathy Swope

Dragonfly - Steve Swope

Not shown - Ramona Taylor (Madame Butterfly), Karen McFerran (Queen Bee), Kim Schenken, Chris Roth, Caroline Peters (Ladybug), Nikie Hobba, and Nora Mai (Damselfly).

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