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Updated October 9, 2004 

Archon 2004 Hall & Masquerade photos

The Superheroes  - debuted at Archon, Friday October 1, 2004

Updated August 29, 2004 

Costume-Con 25 -- It's official! CC25 in St. Louis, March 29 through April 2, 2007.
Updated January 6, 2004 
The Superheroes Project - Mystery Men redux

Updated September 30, 2003

On the Links page; our members personal sites -- some costuming, some not!
Pyrates! The Crew of "the Drunken Iguana", Mid-Coast Party Pirates.
The Costume Cops -- Our version of the Fashion Police.
The Bug Ball -- Silly idea, silly costumes, even sillier food.
Cocktail Parties  -- Call it nostalgia.  Yet another excuse to dress up, eat, and drink strange concoctions. (Like we've ever needed an excuse.)
Costume-Con 25 bid -- We never said we were bright.  Here's the proof.
the Photo Shoot  -- A chance to document everything!
the World Food party -- More food and costumes. (Do you see a pattern here?)
Our newsletter: "the Scarlet Letter" -- a new look and location.
Updated April 2003
CostumeCon 16 Scrapbook -- Good memories which we didn't want to fade.

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