the Photo Shoot
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We all have some costumes that have never been documented or we only have bad photos of them. So we decided to have a photo shoot where everyone could bring those costumes and have them photographed by some of the Guilds best amateurs.  

We did this once before in a professional's studio but the results were less than thrilling. This time it was held in the Mai's backyard on May 19th, 2001. The backyard was fairly lush (lot's of good green backdrops) but not yet overgrown. The day was a little warm, but it worked out okay with everyone changing in the air-conditioned indoors. And since there was some shade, no one suffered too much.

Except maybe Sue in that leather dress.

 "Quick, dear, there are Jedi in the Japanese Garden; get the hose!"
Steve & Cathy Swope

Jeff & Shelby Morris

Chris Roth aka: Tyger Cowboy

Sue Parent -- dress by Carol Inkpen

Genie Hillen

Carol & Jim Inkpen

Dave Schenken -- one of our photographers

The Box Dress -- Nora Mai

Bruce Mai, Indian Garb

Sue in a leather dress that Genie picked up at the Rep's warehouse sale.

Nora Mai -- Russian

The back.  Built for someone tall & thin.
Very cool construction.

Jeff Morris

Jim Inkpen

Ramona Taylor & Larry Mische -- just there to help others change

Carol Inkpen


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